Thats a great idea - or is it!

Innovation is not a POSTER on a wall


We use Google Ventures Design Sprint methods to create evidence based solutions.

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A project inspired to innovate the way busy professionals can gather insights from their network of co-workers, clients, suppliers and key stakeholders.

Based on a real-time API Platform that innovates the way topics (People, Products and Projects) can be scored over time.


A new simple and fun way to measure emotion.  Tagio has developed a free public version which can be accessed at 


Collecting and Presenting information in a business context is still a very painful time bound and tedious process mostly using 40yo email.

Dashhound®️ helps time poor professionals collect the data they need from other people to drive important insights

Dashhound®️ is in private beta right now!  Accepting new customers to undertake trials that match our customer profile criteria.


Create a platform that enables anyone to setup a data gathering system to suit their personal, business or organisation needs.