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Fun fact: Tagio's name was derived from That's A Great Idea Organisation only to find out it means Contagion in Italian!

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We are facilitators of Digital Transformation initiatives for Enterprise and Government organisations.We always start with Design Sprints - a 4-5 day program to validate Desirability, Viability and Feasibility.With Enterprise & Business Architecture backgrounds we bring extensive strategic thinking along with practical solution concepts.

Generative AI Capabilities

At Tagio, we research and follow emerging technologies especially Gen AI.We have teamed up with experts in Enterprise AI security & governance domains.Talk to us aboutA review of your security risks for AI tools being knowingly/unknowingly used or considered in the enterprise.We will provide support (expertise, quotes, etc.) to help you determine if you should take a build, buy, or both approaches to AI.


Dashhound.io is a smart way to collect structured data from people to inform decision-making.
Change managers use Dashhound to measure stakeholder feedback for digital transformation initiatives.
The unique embedded Emojiscore scorecards enables higher levels of engagement and emotional intelligence to help better understand how people really feel!Oops.ai is a modern Business Operating System so that organisations can collaboratively design capabilities that are supported by Process Models that actually orchestrate Human and System tasks. Read more about it at Oops

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"At Tagio Pty Ltd, we empower businesses to innovate and thrive through our Design Sprints as a Service. We understand that successful problem-solving requires a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and collaboration. That's why our service stands out – combining cutting-edge design methodologies with expert facilitation to drive rapid, effective solutions.Why Choose Tagio's Design Sprints as a Service?Accelerated Innovation: Propel your projects forward with our proven Design Sprints methodology, ensuring rapid ideation, prototyping, and validation.Customised Training: Equip your Business Analysts and Solution Architects with the skills to lead impactful workshops. Our tailored training programs go beyond theory, providing hands-on experience in facilitation techniques and problem-solving methodologies.Expert Facilitators: Benefit from the guidance of seasoned facilitators who bring a wealth of experience in navigating Design Sprints successfully. Our facilitators ensure every session is dynamic, engaging, and results-driven.Holistic Problem Solving: Tackle complex challenges comprehensively. Our approach integrates design thinking, business analysis, and solution architecture to address both immediate and long-term goals.Measurable Results: Track progress and success with clear metrics. We prioritise measurable outcomes, ensuring your investment in innovation delivers tangible value to your organisation.

Schedule a 15 min live intro here...